Joe Correia has over 30 years of knowledge in auditing with experience in financial, line item, cost, pharmacy and hardware audits. From 1991 to 2000, Joe worked for Quantum Services as a Division Manager scheduling and performing inventories throughout the convenience store industry. Joe was recruited for Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes in 2000 and was responsible for auditing and loss prevention duties for the company. Throughout his tenure at Nice N Easy, Joe assisted the franchise community to reduce their shrink. In 2014, as Director of Loss Prevention at Nice N Easy, Joe hired Corey as a Loss Prevention Assistant. Corey was a dedicated, motivated team member learning from Joe and complementing his auditing style. With Joe’s ability to analyze the numbers and Corey’s creative solutions, they formed an instant team.

Both Corey and Joe believe in continuing education; in 2014, Joe returned to the University of Phoenix to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Business Management and will obtain this goal in March 2018. 

Joe’s motto in the industry is “Integrity is job 1!” When customers know they can trust your results it provides a service that aligns with their company’s beliefs. From there we show our clients how shrink happens and what they can do to prevent it from happening.

Corey Trask first started working in the convenience store industry in 2005 as a customer service representative for Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes. In 2007, Corey pursued his Criminal Justice degree from Cayuga Community College and discovered his passion for loss prevention. Corey worked through college as a security supervisor, building upon his knowledge of New York State Penal Law, forging relationships with local and state emergency responders. In 2008, Corey joined a local fire department, gaining valuable insight on emergency response and in 2010, received the Halamatro Gold Pin for life saving efforts.

Corey returned to his roots at Nice N Easy in 2014, as a Loss Prevention Assistant; working directly for Joe Correia. Joe added to Corey’s knowledge base by introducing him to auditing. Corey and Joe were an instant team and complemented each other well with their proactive approach. In November 2014, Corey’s role with the organization was reformed, while still in loss prevention, he was being utilized in a different capacity. Corey covered approximately 200 stores in seven different states, with responsibilities of the organization’s safety program, audit response, worker’s compensation, OSHA, and funds audits. 

Both Corey and Joe believe in continuing education; in 2016, Corey returned to the University of Phoenix to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Business Management and will obtain this goal in July 2018. Corey has obtained many certifications including: The Reid Technique in Interviewing and Advanced Interrogation and LSI Advanced Workshop on SCAN through LSI Laboratories for Scientific Interrogation.  


Corey and Joe found themselves in a unique position in July of 2017. Their vision for Assured Inventory is to be a complete loss prevention solution for convenience stores instead of just another auditing company.

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